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My name is Nir Benita and I am a digital product designer, I am the co-founder of Templify and am currently working at Wix

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  • Templify

  • // Identity, User Interface, Front End

  • Templify is a tool I am co-developing. The process offers interesting UI challenges which I take on daily with great pleasure. My co founder, Gabriel Grinberg, is in charge of most of the development work, whereas I am in charge of the design and some of the front end development

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  • Templify
  • Branding & Logowork

  • //Branding, Illustration

  • Over the course of the last year I was lucky enough to get envolved with a number of interesting branding challenges.The results are showcased on my Behance page.

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  • Templify
  • Webbbuilders

  • // Visual Language, User Interface

  • Webbbuilders (Working title) is an idea I had for a personal webapp. The idea is to create a way for myself to store articles for later read.

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  • Templify
  • Amdocs

  • // User Interface, Front End

  • I designed and developed a web application for the amazing people over at Amdocs inc. to display survey results to their managerial tier.

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  • Templify
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  • What you said your name was?

  • Nir Benita
  • @NirBenita
  • Zichron, Israel
  • Benitanir[at]
  • What is it you do?

  • Define users, goals and the brand to craft the perfect user experience
  • Carefully plan pixel perfect interfaces for a variety of applications
  • Go from concept to an actual product using the latest technologies
  • You were saying?

  • I am a strong believer that the ones to shape our everyday environment for the coming century, are the visionaries that try to change the world we live in through the devices we keep in our pockets and on our desks or anywhere else really (Google Goggles anyone?)

  • I would like to be a part of this revolution by solving problems worth solving based on actual people's needs

  • Anything else?

  • I will treat myself to the occasional video game

  • I try to live a healthy life style which actually helps me a lot when trying to concentrate on solving problems

  • I am very passionate about learning new things

  • My dream is to travel the world, using work as an excuse